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Coming to Visit? Check Out These Local Favorites.

Need Coffee?

I get it. Talking numbers requires some caffeine. While downtown try Kool Beans. If you're ok driving across town you can order me a Caramel Sauce Latte from Choco Latte.

Like Sports Bars?

Need a quick casual bite while in town? My favorite is Cubby's Sports Bar. I like the Mexicali Wrap with no meat and waffle fries with ranch.

Date Night?

Did you find a sitter to visit Birch? Why not keep going with a romantic night at Craft Fusion or the iconic Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge.

Prefer a Local Brewery?

It's in the building....so I might be hurt if I don't get invited with you to Eponymous Brewing. I prefer the Citranym IPA.

Like to Shop?

Brookings has some pretty unique offerings. Check out Pasque or The Carrot Seed. I won't judge your spending...