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Get Organized

You may find yourself having a lot of logins. We are 100% digital and use technology to simplify your financial life. I recommend using a password manager to keep track of all of your login information. While we won't require many logins, you may find yourself creating a lot of accounts to track down statements and other information from prior providers. I personally use Last Pass to manage all of my passwords.

Some clients have found success creating a bookmarks folder in your browser called "Birch Investments" and adding bookmarks to that folder for easy access. Definitely include our website in there and as you progress through onboarding you'll add things like our client software too.

Scheduling Meetings

We use Calendly to schedule most meetings. We are definitely available by phone or email to schedule as well, however we have found the best success using Calendly. This always shows our most up to date availability. Plus you can access it anytime - so if you wake up at 2am with any urgent need to schedule a meeting you can!

The link is here and can be found on our website under the Clients tab as well.

We understand life happens and you may need to reschedule a meeting once in awhile. We aim to be respectful of your time and ask that you are of ours as well. If you have an emergency or need to reschedule there's a link at the bottom of your Calendly confirmation or reminder email. If you have a sick kid but wanted to meet know that we can always switch the in person meeting to a video meeting or phone call too.

Depending on your needs and complexity, we will proactively reach out to you on a set schedule. But know that you can always reach out as questions arise in your life.

Best Ways to Reach Us

If it's not an emergency, emailing Brian@BirchInvestment.com will always be the best way to reach us.

If it's an urgent matter call Brian directly at 605-250-3644. It's my cell phone and is always attached to my side. You can also text this number. Call whenever - it goes on Do Not Disturb when it hits my nightstand at night.

TD Ameritrade

We are your advisor. However we don't hold onto any of your money or investments. We use an independent custodian to do that. So when we talk about your accounts they are held at TD Ameritrade. 

We will email you instructions to get online access to their site.

The link is here. Once you're set up you can always find the link under our Clients page on our website.

Client Software

We offer our clients access to the industry's best investment reporting software. Each client has a client portal where we will deliver quarterly investment updates and other information. You can use the portal whenever you want to see up to date account information. 

We also have an app for your phone that provides the same information.

We will email you instructions to get set up on this software.

The link is here. Once you're set up you can always find the link under our Clients page on our website.

Information Overload

It is impossible to give us too much information. We want to give you the best advice possible. The better the data we have the better the advice. So don't hesitate to ask or provide us with any information that can help us come up with a better plan for you.

You can always upload information to us securely or we can scan in our office for you.

Please know it takes time to do our work. So if you upload a file right before a meeting we may ask for more time to give you the best recommendations.

Follow Us

We're active on social media. If you'd like take a look!