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Let's get to know each other

The Process

Most people will only hire a wealth manager a few times in their life. We have designed a process to give our firm and our prospects the opportunity to see if we are a good fit. All of this happens before paying any fees or compensation to our firm. There is no obligation to sign on with Birch Investments.


The goal of this meeting is to get clear on your goals, needs, and financial picture. We will ask a lot of questions - not all of them financial. We want to learn about your family, aspirations, anxieties and what you do for fun.

Bringing a copy of your statements to this meeting is helpful.


Once we have the discovery interview and copies of your statements, we do a lot of behind the scenes number crunching.  Once the 10-key cools off, we bring you back in to propose a plan. In this plan, we specifically address where you sit currently, how the current program will look in the future and changes we see that would benefit you. You'll receive a copy to take home and look over.


After you've had time to digest the presentation you have two options. The first would be to take our recommendations and implement them on your own - the do it yourself approach. You are free to choose our recommendations and walk away without any fees.

The second option is to work with us to implement your plan. We will put the program into action and work closely with you for years to come. If you choose to work with us we will begin the paperwork process to get you started.