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Investment Management

Invest to meet your goals. Not to beat the market.

Invest with a Plan

We create an investment plan that accounts for your objectives, goals, and risk tolerance. In times of uncertainty we go back to the plan for guidance and reassurance.

Focus on the Long-Term

We don't try to predict the future or time the market. We make investments based on long-term trends.


We minimize risk by choosing an appropriate asset allocation. Then we diversify across asset classes, investment vehicles, and geographic regions.

Keep Costs Low

Expenses eat into returns. We invest using individual securities and low-cost index funds. Our custodian charges no commissions on individual stocks.

Minimize Taxes

We create tax efficiency by owning the right types of investments in the correct types of accounts via asset location strategies. In taxable accounts we employ tax-loss harvesting to minimize your tax bill.

Tailor to Your Preferences

Some clients wish to align their finances with their values. For these clients we restrict certain investments to meet their ideological goals.


Who decides how to invest my portfolio?

All portfolios are designed and implemented by Brian Berkenhoff, CFA.

Where are my investments at?

Client assets are held at TD Ameritrade.

What should I look for in an investment advisor?

Questions To Ask When Hiring a Financial Advisor

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