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Invest to meet your goals. Not to beat the market.

investment management south dakotaDoes your investment portfolio reflect your financial goals? We consider your goals first and then tailor an investment strategy to fit those needs. It's a fluid plan designed to adjust throughout the seasons of life.

We offer expertise in portfolio management. However, we believe you will find more value in our ability to clearly communicate complex strategies in a relatable manner.

At the core of our strategy is our Investment Policy Statement that details your goals and objectives. We will use this to design and implement a low-cost, diversified portfolio in a tax-efficient manner.


To be successful at investing you need to know what you are investing for. Each person will have a different investment objective based on what their individual needs are. 

Financial planning factors that influence how we invest include:

  • How big your emergency fund is
  • What your spending needs are
  • What your time horizon is
  • Are you adequately insured
  • Upcoming life events


Investing shouldn't be complicated.

We believe most people will be successful at investing if they get these things right:

  • Choosing how much to save
  • Deciding the optimal types of accounts to save in
  • Creating a portfolio with a mix of stocks (growth) and bonds (safety) that meets your risk preferences
  • Diversify
  • Keep costs low
  • Try to be tax-efficient
  • Invest for the long-term (don't try to time the market)


Together we decide the strategy using the keys above. We will then take that framework and implement it for you.

And then we help with the final, not so simple part. Minimizing emotions.

The steps for successful investing sound great on paper. Then the market fluctuates and our emotions get the best of it. That is where we deliver value. We will be your accountability partner to keep the emotions in check, understand historical market cycles, and explain it in terms you can understand.

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