Meet Brian Berkenhoff, CFA

“I founded Birch Investment Management with one goal in mind: to empower families to align their finances with their values and to help them achieve financial independence.”

Who We Are

We are a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm based in Brookings, South Dakota. We abide by the fiduciary standard - meaning we are legally bound to serve our clients and to put their interests first.

What does that mean for you?

The Birch Investment Management team will never try to sell you a financial product that isn’t in your best interest or give you advice that isn’t 100% informed by your unique goals and values. We don’t receive commissions from the sale of financial products and are only compensated by our clients. In other words, your wins are our wins, and we will always be working for your success.


What We Do

Through our work as a fee-only financial advisory firm, we help clients:

  1. Understand their current financial situation.
  2. Clarify their values.
  3. Define their goals.
  4. Create a custom financial plan that helps to move them from Point A to Point B. 

We work with individuals and families both to create an initial financial plan that is unique to them and to manage their ongoing financial planning and investment management needs.

Our Why

We believe that our clients deserve to spend more time doing what they love with the people they love -- and less time worrying about their finances. Together with our clients, we help to simplify their financial lives and help them to rest easy knowing that their money is helping to move them toward their goals.


Brian Berkenhoff, CFA

Brian is a CFA® charterholder and member of the CFA Institute. He founded Birch Investment Management in 2011 to serve clients in the Brookings, South Dakota, area and beyond in a fee-only, fiduciary capacity. Brian is incredibly passionate about helping his clients and their families achieve financial independence, and work toward their goals with a trusted advisor walking with them every step of the journey. 

When he’s not working, Brian likes to golf, travel, and spend time with his kids.

Sophia, 17, is a junior at Brookings High School. In her free time she works hard at a local home decor store and financially supports the local coffee shops and clothing stores with her earnings. She is creative and has a passion for design and art.

Madelyn, 15, is a freshman at Brookings High School. She recently became a barista at a local coffee shop and saves every penny she earns. She is caring and puts others before herself.

Emmett, 9, is a 3rd grader at Dakota Prairie Elementary. He loves playing soccer and Minecraft. He has more energy than the rest of the family combined.

Fun Facts About Brian

  • Born and raised near Seattle, Washington.
  • Has had four holes-in-one!
  • Has been a vegetarian since 2008.
  • Lived through two major earthquakes
  • Is terrified of heights.

Birch Investment Management

Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Advisor

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