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Brian Berkenhoff, CFA

Brian Berkenhoff, CFA

I was born and raised near Seattle, Washington. Most of my childhood was spent working and playing at the local golf course.

I attended Pacific Lutheran University where I graduated with degrees in Economics and Political Science in 1998. Following graduation, I managed a trust department for PlanMember Services in Seattle.

My Dad managed investments for his entire career. He worked for a large bank for decades before founding an independent firm. I saw his passion for helping people understand complex matters and wished to follow in his footsteps.

I enrolled in a post-graduate program and was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2003. I went to work with my Dad and became majority owner of Harbour Investment Management in Everett, Washington.

My wife Nichole is from Brookings, South Dakota. Seeking shorter commutes, less crowded golf courses, and a fantastic place to raise a family we moved here in 2009.

My wife works as the Business Manager at SGS. Together we raise our three children - Sophia, Madelyn, and Emmett.

In 2011 I achieved my dream of founding my own company - Birch Investments. It has been a fulfilling journey helping others achieve their financial goals. I enjoy bringing my experience and education to my clients, neighbors, and friends.