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Financially Independent

Forget Retirement Planning. Think Work Optional.

Where You Are

You've spent your career working hard. You've saved and invested diligently along the way. As a result of your hard efforts you have reached the point where you no longer need to work.  Does that mean retirement? Maybe. But it could also mean staying at a job you love but working less and traveling more.

What You Need

One problem though...where do you start? You don't know all the options available to you, which ones are right for you, and what consequences each holds. You need help looking at everything: your old 401(k), Social Security, investments, and taxes. You want solutions, not sales.  And you want it in delivered in a way you can understand.

How We Help

We work with retirees to evaluate their options, create a reliable income stream, and minimize their taxes. We enable our retirees to live a comfortable lifestyle while making sure their money will outlive them.

In Brookings we have helped retirees from Larson Storm Doors, 3M Brookings, Daktronics and more open rollover IRAs for their 401(k) retirement plans. We have helped clients across the country transition from employment or owning a business into living off of their investments.

I Need Help Managing My Wealth