Who We Serve

At Birch Investment Management, we empower clients to pursue financial independence.

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Our Typical Client

Our clients pursue a life supported by financial independence. They don't chase riches. They seek the freedom that money can provide them. Freedom to spend their time doing what they enjoy, with the people they love, on their schedule.

For many clients that means choosing an early retirement to pursue a second career or travel. For our younger clients it means creating memories while their kids are young through travel and sabbaticals.

Our typical client is someone age 40 plus with $250,000 or more of investable assets.

They are concerned about planning for a successful future.

To achieve their goals they:

  • are willing to delegate to a trusted financial advisor
  • are committed to being engaged and responsive in the financial planning process
  • are looking for someone to advise on their whole financial life

Who We Serve

Our clients are in their 40s, 50s and early 60s, and they’ve hit a wall when it comes to managing their financial life. 


  • Kids range from high school to recent college graduates, and they’re often still providing some form of financial support.
  • Parents are aging and need help managing their finances, and they may even need assistance navigating long-term care, memory loss, or health problems.
  • Career is reaching a high point, and they’re feeling both busy and fulfilled by doing work they love -- which can feel overwhelming and present conflicting emotions about retirement.
  • Time is limited. They want to be able to spend time with the people they love the most doing things they enjoy, and worrying about financial decisions is eating into their limited time and energy.

Client Case Study

Wondering if you’re a good fit for Birch Investment Management? 

Let’s walk through a typical client case study.

Joe Martin and his wife, Samantha, are raising their three children who range from 13-20 years old. Their oldest is close to graduating college at a local state school, their middle child is in their Junior year of college and is working to find the best financial option for their continuing education, and their youngest is still in middle school. 

They’ve been diligent savers, and have close to $250,000 saved for retirement, are a few years out from paying off their mortgage, but still feel a little bit financially lost. They know that they’ve cosigned several student loans, and still have two more kids to put through school.

Joe loves his current job as a Master Software Engineer at a local organization and feels incredibly fulfilled as he continues to grow his technical skillset and team. However, the more he grows, the less he feels confident that he’ll be ready to retire when the time comes. He’s interested in pursuing an encore career in consulting. 

Samantha has recently started an Etsy shop that’s been reasonably successful and would like to continue her business now that her kids are older and becoming more self-sufficient. She’s also been using the profits from her business to help fund her children’s college education, which is a value for her and Joe.

Samantha and Joe are looking for a financial planner who can help them navigate their short-term goals, like helping their kids through college and still living comfortably, while also planning ahead for retirement. They are hoping for an ongoing relationship with their advisor who can walk them through not only their current season of life but to and through retirement.

We are a good fit if...


Our clients want to leverage their finances to create a life they love. They want an advisor who is a partner and collaborator who can help them achieve meaningful change in their lives.

Playing the Long Game

At Birch Investment Management, we aren’t focused on quick wins or returns chasing. We work with our clients to support their short and long-term goals, and build plans accordingly.


Our clients typically have complex financial lives that require an experienced professional to guide them. With increased wealth, they recognize the value of having an expert in their corner.

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