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Independent Wealth Management

Serving our clients since 2011 

Our priority? It's you.

We could list the benefits of working with an independent, fiduciary, fee-only advisor. And we will highlight these later on the site. But the real reason you hire an advisor is your relationship with that person. Birch Investments takes a limited number of clients each year because we need to know our clients genuinely to provide the best advice. 

Our firm is not right for everyone. There is no one way to handle investments and financial planning. Our approach may be different than what most people are accustomed. 

The people we serve are typically affluent families who want to delegate an essential aspect of their lives to someone they trust. They want advice that is communicated in a timely, transparent, and easy to understand fashion. They want someone who knows their needs and goals and acts proactively.  It is those types of clients that we seek to develop a lifelong relationship.

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