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Wealth Management

Creating plans to meet your dreams

You have a vision.

We help plan and implement it.

168 hours a week. You'd rather spend time on things other than your investments. However, you recognize that without proper financial planning you might not realize your dreams. That's where we come in.

Birch Investments helps our clients grow, protect and distribute their wealth. We do this as an independent, fee-only (no commissions) financial advisor. We serve as a fiduciary to our clients.

Like you we are limited to 168 hours a week. Birch Investments believes in balancing work and life. We love what we do at work but also believe strongly in time with family and in recreation. Every client we say yes to means another client we have to say no to. Therefore we have developed the following criteria to determine whether we are an ideal fit for each other. Please know our door is always open to provide a second opinion or provide guidance on a do-it-yourself plan.

Qualitative Factors

We work best with clients who:

  • Are motivated to plan for their future
  • Are able to see the value of independent advice
  • Are willing to pay a reasonable fee for comprehensive advice
  • Are engaged in the process, willing to delegate, and polite to work with

Quantitative Factors

We target clients who:

  • Have either $250,000 in investable assets, OR
  • Are willing to setup a diligent savings plan

* If you do not meet this criteria please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary discussion. Qualitative factors rank a lot higher in our minds than quantitative factors!

I'm ready. Let's meet!

I have questions - let's not meet yet.