Investment Management

Create and Execute Your Investment Strategy

Investment Management Services

Your life is unique. Your investment strategy needs to reflect your financial goals. We look at your wants and needs first and then tailor your investment strategy to fit. We use a continual planning process to update your plan based on life events and milestones.

Client assets are custodied at Charles Schwab.

Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy

Focus On The Long-Term

We are buy and hold investors. We don't believe investors can successfully time the market or predict the near-term. The S&P 500 has had positive annual returns in 32 of the past 42 years. We recognize there will be down years but the investor who stays fully invested will be the one with the greatest long-term returns.

Stay Diversified

We believe an investor should be diversified across asset classes and geography. Therefore we focus on owning a global portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Keep Costs Low

The easiest way to enhance returns is to minimize investment costs. For that reason, we build our portfolios with ultra-low-cost index funds and individual stocks and bonds.

Minimize Taxes

We take a tax-sensitive approach to investing to improve your after-tax returns. We take your personal tax situation into account and design a smart, tax-conscious investment strategy.

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