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Financial Planning

For All Seasons of Life

Why Do I Need a Financial Planner?

A financial plan acts as a roadmap for you short and long-term financial goals. It gives you an overview of your current financial picture, a set of realistic future goals, and a way to measure your progress.

What Does a Financial Plan from Birch Investments Look Like?

We begin with a lot of discussions as to where you are at now and what you want your future to look like.  That conversation can happen in our Brookings office, a place more convenient to you or online. We then take a hard look at your current finances (what you own, what you owe, what your cash flow looks like). From there we put together a realistic plan to get from point A to point B.

Our state of the art software will give you a comprehensive view of your entire financial picture. It will help us model retirement planning, tax planning, social security optimization and more.

How Does A South Dakota Financial Planner Help?

We provide regular reviews and modifications to your customized financial plan as you experience life transitions and as markets change. We will provide you with a blueprint to achieve your goals. And while we have the technical expertise, we pride ourselves in making our advice easy to understand and free from industry jargon. Our goal is to be the first person you contact when you have a question about anything involving a dollar sign.

What is Modular Financial Planning?

Financial planning used to involve a one time plan, a lot of paper and a one time charge. The plan would get printed off and usually the client would have it collect dust on the shelf of their office.

Today we offer dynamic modular financial planning. We cover the same topics. But it is customized to your needs and adjusted more frequently.

During the year we will touch on a variety of areas pertinent to your needs including:

  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Risk management
  • College funding
  • Estate planning

Work With a South Dakota Financial Planner